I placed an order but I didn't receive a confirmation email...what's going on?




  • Gaurang Vansiya

    I didn't yet received any confirmation mail from your side regarding my product

  • Unneel JangG

    Hi my anil you cash on delivery system  if u have yours store in Kuwait city plz I m fan yours products 

  • Unneel JangG

    Hi my anil you cash on delivery system  if u have yours store in Kuwait city plz I m fan yours products 

  • Kristal Campbell

    I placed an order but still have not recieved it. How long does delivery to UK take??

  • nitul shah
    I havent received my order request. It had been more than 5 months already!
    Order no. #10863.
  • kelly coish

    Not happy with how long it has been taking to get my order ready. This is the pits. Ordered bangles for my friend who's fighting breast cancer and myself and not a word from the company. Very disappointed.

  • Breanna Ferris

    Unimpressed with the quality of service from this site. I placed an order June 12, payment was received June 14 and confirmation email sent out June 16. Still have not received my Braver, Smarter, Stronger bangle and had very little help given when I asked for an investigation to be done. I was referred to a link I had already checked several times which was pointless as my purchase apparently never had a tracking order. I'm asking for a full refund regardless of the "no returns on shipping fees" policy but I know I'm never going to get it which means I've lost money i couldn't afford to lose.

    Sorry but will not be recommending this site to friends. Not happy

  • 38868945851211541 4d53a0cc7daaf837b7ba

    I placed an order on 2nd September, received a confirmation e mail but have yet to receive a 'despatched ' e mail. I have e mailed, but no reply. When can i expect my item?

  • Shaye Scott-Bywaters

    Very disappointed in the company and it's response to emails. I ordered a bracelet for anxiety and depression and haven't gotten it yet, not even a confirmation email to say it has been sent. I know I definitely wont be purchasing any of this companys other products.

  • CJ Jackson

    Order oct still ain't got my items 16097

  • Pewee909

    Still waiting for shipping I try to talk to costumer service but no asnwer until now maybe i have to talk to paypal to report this scam

  • Morgan Lloyd

    I ordered a bag 3 months ago and I’ve complained many times. They’ve now stopped answering my emails and still haven’t sent anything physically or digitally. I’m disgusted in this company

  • Morgan Lloyd

    Asked and demanded for refunds - no answers at all. Disgusted!

  • Jesse

    Will someone from this scam site give me a damn refund already. 

  • nitul shah

    What are my options to get refund? (I am from India)

    Is anyone planning of thinking of a legal action? Plz lets come together and get this guys punished!
    My Whatsapp number is +919766313591. Send a message if you agree.

  • Lindsayandbradyn

    Website is a total scam

  • mrshayden92

    I placed an order for a backpack and a bangle on 16th October 2017, it is now 15th January 2018 and i havent received a damn thing. I have tried to contact them via email and also via Facebook messenger but they are now ignoring my messages. DO NOT ORDER from this company ss they are a scam, they will take your money but ypu wont receive your goods!!!!

  • Pewee909

    I never get my order so I contact paypal and they get my money back so contact u bank to take care that

  • tracy

    We ordered a bag in September we are still waiting have emailed and messaged them on their website but again nothing no correspondence no bag but they were quick to take the money but they won't reply no bag no money SCAM SCAM SCAM DO NOT DO THE SAME AS US IGNORE THIS SITE THEY ARE BASICALLY THIEVES WON'T GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK if by some miracle they give money back i will update this post but I'm not holding breath for it I've been trying since September.

  • Redz Ali

    How did u get ur money back thru paypal...?


  • Mindy Marie Bratsburg

    I have not received my order after 2 months of waiting. I received no confirmation email or response to my emails asking about my product. After reading al of these comments I agree it’s probably a scam. I’m extremey dissapojnted.

  • Andyki300

    I placed an order received a confirmed purchased but no other information since. Still have not received product Email many times no response. Very disappointed 😔

  • Vicki Dye

    I didn't get my package either.  They did e-mail me back and said I must have fallen through the cracks.  Made me sound like I was being a bitch for even saying something.  I guess by reading these messages, I won't hold my breath.  Worse company by far ever!


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